Still She Ran

Wrapped in wire 
We stand our ground
On earth that is losing hers

Wrapped in lies 
We stand the tests of time
Refusing to surrender now

She came
She came
She conquered
She ran

And now we build plinths of plasticine
That melt in the acid rain of our choices 
Now we raise garlands and hands
Voices and march
With the emancipated 
Ignoring the emaciated
The yet to be satiated
The rejected and ridiculed
Whose bones we stand on
Trample on
Into the finest dust
That shall eat away at our souls 
Now we stand and say we are one

Oh we are one 

Womb keeper 
We are one 
Is it ever too late to revere her? 
The forgotten womb of our mothers
The ancestors who were raised raped blamed shamed 
Still with flames in her eyes
daggers in her heart
deception in her thighs

Still she ran. 

Copyright A. Agha