She Proclaimed

She watched you burn your own funeral pyre
Raise your life to the ground
She watched you slice through
Arteries of life
Piece by piece
Blood dripping
You gasping for life
She watched you mutilate
Beauty and truth
As it lay under you
Yearned to sleep in your arms
Pursued you 
She watched you pluck out eyes
That have loved you since time began
Cut out tongues that praised you
Prayed for you

She watched you place nails
In doors that were never meant to close
Change paths
Re write moments of tenderness into squalid deposits on a meaningless bed

She watched all this and loved you
Yearned for you
For more 
For you
To grow

The man you disowned
His bones smoked in midnight excesses 
She watched you knelt before another
Claimed her as your own
She watched you raise blonde haired children on your shoulders 
Called them your own

She watched all this and still loved 
Still proclaimed
She watched all this 
Still proclaimed
Till the sunlight drowned out her voice
And her skin faded to the touch
By then your mission was complete
You had annihilated you
And the only memory of you was left in the mirror of her closing eyes

She proclaimed

Copyright A. Agha