Be Come

Be Come 

Im frozen fingered 

looking for shadows of you 

in me

in him

Then looking for anything but you in him

in me

in them

the left over dried blood that could have been

and this desire to never every forgive you



When you believe

when you put your faith in all the wrong gods 

in all the wrong cards 

the mantras that came to nothing

the prayers that blew away 

in the winds across the seas and landscapes of denial and trickery

and now there is 

just this

this expanse

this red raw rash across the heart

and in its’ space nothing left to take root

to take shape

to become

Nothing to Be

For now that blood may have been life

For now those dreams and prayers 

May have been

I dont forgive you for choosing another direction

I dont forgive you for not choosing me

I wont look back and see it all as a lesson

I wont let you out of those prison walls I have built

They devour me of sunlight and I am slowly dying in the smell

of your arms around me

But I wont return to the innocence that one danced between us

I wont rescue that woman from her pyre

She dies on it with you

She will be re born out of flaming lips and skin

And she will never ever look at a man like you again

Till the next incarnation and so it goes










Copyright A.Agha