We stand at a point

we look left and right

and ask which way do I go?

We do not know who to side with

who to listen to

Because at one point we did not listen and 


everything became



Sometimes we stand at a point

and we do not hear what the heart is saying

be quiet we shame it into silence

that is just fear

stop now and be brave we push and strain 

to make the mind our best ally


But the soul that sits deep within 

the cells knows

that left or right

the choices that make and un- make us

come easily and hard

that right and wrong exist only in heaven and hell

that polarities are a construct of the confused


the soul knows that every time we did not listen

we did not hear

the voice that said no

and did it anyway

that was a time when we betrayed 

and were cheated on

when we abandoned 

and were rejected

by no god no partner no lover

just our dear little selves

running from our dear little selves

believing the answers lay in another 

Copyright A. Agha