There is a list for her to fulfil

Theres a check list that you have made

So she can be unmade 

One: She must like football and want to sit in the stalls

is that what they are called

with you

Two she must be okay with you drinking till you pass out

And preferably join you

Hot and wasted your perfect type

Spliff in hand, crotch ever ready thats the way


Three your mates must want to fuck her


Four she must not say too much

Just enough to be enough

Just enough to be on trend enough

But not know her mind too much

To walk away from the banter that becomes a form of verbal rape

In fact the more she laughs at tits and dicks and rape jokes the better

Then for then she shall fit right in


Five she must have friends you want to fuck

A tribe of sisters you can mock and denigrate


Six she cant be older than you

In the wet fantasy you want mrs robinson to pin you down and teach you a thing or two

But actually

She must be younger

So you can school her

So you can show her the ropes of life to hang herself with

So she is malleable enough for you


Seven, she mustn't say too much

She can be a feminist, radicalist, march on streets with flags and whistles

You can carry her on your shoulders for photos opps across the media waves

But she cant have an opinion beyond that, and she must be hot dont forget

Her radicalising must be hot


Eight it would be cool if she was a bit witchy used words like consciousness, did cleanses and yoga

Lit candles and incense and talked about tantra

But not too witchy woo woo not too off the scale earth mama thats not hot

That makes you feel like you dont know enough

like you could never learn at the skirts of her soul

And you dont like that

You dont like to feel out of control with her


Nine your family must approve she must not soil the bloodline

The exotics are for play but what you take home to mamma must be pure blood


And ten she must never ever know more, do more earn more, yearn more push you to grow

She must never ever shine brighter than you

Her light must never ever out glow your ego

She must tick all for a chance to win you, she must tick all for a chance to win 

Copyright A. Agha