For Thus She Was Made

Some Words Some men have said to me:

You need a man who will break you like a horse

I want to fuck you till you bleed

My friends thought you were fuckable

I bet you like it dirty

I bet you like to scratch

You're too much

You're too outspoken

You're a little bit crazy aren't you

Id give you the best sex of your life


Am I? Would you? Look at me? What do you see?


A banshee she wolf roaring at the leash

waiting to be fucked till she bleeds,

waiting for your colonial touch to bring her to life


What do you see?

Ive turned myself inside and upside down


Maybe if my nose was less Paki and more Roman

maybe if I was less brown and more white


Maybe if I had blue eyes


Maybe if I had blonde hair


He would want me he would love me they would see me


Your wife, your girlfriend

delete as applicable here

she well she is the one who is the delicate flower growing out of the dirt



Im just the dirt you can piss in, shit in, come over

and walk away from


She? She gets hurt easily-her

you wouldn't want any man to break her

look at her, speak to her in a way that felt off

you'd blow his head off

knock him to the ground, stamp out his last breath


But me? Oh my brown skin can take it

hide a multitude of bruises like an ever evolving sun kissed tanning 



My Paki face can take it, my big nose and funny skin can take it.

because me? Im made of the stuff of witches and warlocks of Jinns and terrorists

dont we all just sit around eating curry

banging our chests

reading the Koran

beating our wives anyway


Did I not know that anyway?

I did

have known great violence

spilling across the ancestral line like spilt blood again and again

woman on woman mother on child

father on daughter

husband to wife

I have seen every permutation of it every nuanced finger tip

When did the first mother beat her child, the first husband beat his wife


Are You telling me it never happened in your blood line? 


You telling me the viking nordic princess you cuddle up next to

she never knew great blood shed in her line?


That her ancestors didnt spill some blood?


They are doing it now but thats okay brown blood mixes well in the dirt anyway 


Matches the tears and the stained under skirts of the brown girls lying across fields of your mind


Waiting to be ploughed so they can be freed from their culture

so they can be emancipated into your blood line

so you can say you came and you came and you came


Yes brown girls dont bleed and if they do they love it

it is the reason they were made dont you know


On the 8th day God made a brown girl and said she shall be receptacle of all your self loathing and hatred

when you cant hit your blonde white wife

when the viking princess mocks you and emasculates time and again

makes you a comedy sketch for her mates, drowns out the fires of your dreams

But hey least her parents have money

the rents paid up

And your mates love how hot she is

And your mates love to get drunk with her

And your mates would fuck her

And your parents added her on social media

Yeah they love her


the brown girl will save you


she shall pour into you her libations of heaven and take your hell and make it manna again


Your brown girl will be your salvation and like the dirt beneath your feet she shall stay the tests of time to be trampled on time and again

And out of her tears shall be birthed the viking princesses you so crave


The brown girl shall do all that for

thus she was made


And so your God said 


For thus she was made

Copyright AA