Theres nothing to say

Just pools of nothing expanding across the air waves 

from me to you

Theres nothing to say just a solace 

in timescapes dissolving into space and 

Theres nothing to say

Just how much we hate each other 

compete with each other and make each other cry

Wonder why
And play games across the landscapes of our lives

You to me to me to you

There is no tithe that ties us into continual service and servitude


A forest of mirrors all around us

Tells us that the nature we run from is our innate self


A merry go round of screeching howling laughter

That hides the deep mistrust of life

The deep sense of self hatred and strife

we mask as we show the world how very happy we are

As we make sure to take that moment treble it and say

See how very happy I am just there

But your'e not

We are not

We cannot






That is not how this works


Union asks we come home to all parts of us

We mouth the words but the inner graveyard is spilling rotting corpses who

bleed into our veins and 

make us sick


The sickness feels familiar and we seek the familiar and run from the new


Half a million lifetimes ago

You walked with me hand in hand

Placed your arms around me

And told me we would be together till the end of time

I have no doubts

That when the sands fall out of this hour glass

And the unified chorus calls cut

when we pull away the screens of the mind

There you will be 

Telling me you always loved me

I just couldn't see

I didn’t believe love was for me

There you will be