AI Woman Where Have all the Good Men Gone?

If he cant withstand the passions and tempers of a real woman

he shall run and seek out the AI

She looks the part looks great on the arm

but deep down he knows something is missing

theres a coldness to the touch and despite the moans and noises she makes

theres a creak to the tones

and the lizard touch just doesn’t leave

your bones


little boys run scared from a real woman

she’s too raw

her honesty asks too much of him

he wishes to be in her bosom

runs when she asks for help

little boys run to little girls who are playing dress up mouth the words fake the walk

in the long run of runs

running from his truth

the little boy stays a boy

the little girl finds her safety

and no one ever really grows up


Oh like the chorus of an 80’s song

the heart asks

where have all the good men gone

the ones who would fight to win your love

stick it out when it got messy

they didn’t up and leave they didn’t run and hide under lizard tails

They stayed


Where have all the good men gone

the ones who whispered in your ear as they kissed your neck

I will win you over I will prove my love to you

You dont trust me yet

but you will

and they came back for you

they kept their word

they didnt play dark lord games

they kept their word 

jacket over puddle, hand on the small of your back

We have turned ourselves inside out to be the best woman for the best man

only to find he left a long time ago

went and built his perfect cyber woman who would never really push him to dis-comfort

So he would never have to grow

The percent AI cyber lass who would never shatter his heart

safe behind the glass of constructed relationship and love

Bitter? No God no

Disappointed at the mythical man catcher that has drugged our good men into a fateful sleep

Is it now for the empress to kiss him awake?