Men Speak Up

You're looking to him to be the father you never got

the role model you forever sought

but he's not


his dark banter that takes you into the gutter

is not the way to empowered manhood

it will alienate you from the love you seek

and further

take you into a web you have tried to shed



Hes the father no one wanted

the drunken boozy confused lech at the table of life

over weight and that is not a crime

but when a man with a belly so big he cant even see his feet

tells a woman she wants him

that she loves it dirty 

and you, do not defend her

watch her close down her petals and freeze


the man with the big belly who cannot control his mouth

not his words not his hunger


the man who bullies a woman and you did not defend her

you did not defend 

so how can you expect her

to open to you

when you did not defend

her from the demon in our midst


rape is rape is rape

if you force your body into her space and she never asked for it thats rape

if you make sexualised comments about her that is rape

sat in a space with men laughing at how she loves it dirty

that is rape

that is rape

shout it out till your big bloated ears hear 

bloated on the lies you tell

i choose to demean his body right now in the way he keeps demeaning hers do you see

he says she loves it

I say how could anyone love that body of his do you see

will you cry that I am fat shaming now?


stop body molesting and raping women with your words

your deeds 

men like you are the lice on our land

and the men who do not speak up

need to man up

not to suppress and fight it out

man up

and remember the true meaning of manhood

of the sacred masculine

to defend the goddess in your midst

you seek her yoni her warmth and yet you offer nothing in return

just an expectation that a quick drink and a fumble will be her sustenance

you want the whole universe

you want the secrets of life to be revealed to you 

they lie

in her thighs her sighs her love and her insides

they lie in her sighs

but you shall never reach these places if you do not hold the space for her to feel safe

deny her safety and she can destroy you decry you and outrun you

and you will be left impotent on the shores of life

angry but at who

the false gods you gave your light to

she awaits you, her chalice is full

but you shall not drink as long as you desecrate her and demean her

you shall die of thirst should you pursue and burn her

so for your own lives for the sanity and the safety you seek

love your women with all your manhood can muster

and with your love around her watch her rise to take you home 

to all your have desired

and all you have forever known 

watch her rise to take you home