Wake up Sisters Wake up

To the sisters who wore pink vagina hats to proclaim their womanhood

no dear sister no

did you check the labels

see where and how those hats were made

what slave trade

you may have funded

before you roll your eyes and tut


this all counts

and the true empowered female knows

her mark on the world is one of compassion and love

not pain and double standards


to the women who swore and 

proclaimed death to world leaders

no no dear sister


do you not know

your power lies in being the alternative

the beacon for peace and empowered battle 

not petty minded jokes about incest

not slurs on another woman’s character because it helps your cause

there is no cause

there is no them and us

there is only the middle way

the mighty woman that straddles the 2 extremes and makes them one

is the one


to the sisters who feel they changed the world by shouting for a few hours

to the ones who call themselves joan of arc for waving a flag

no no sister

do you know the sacrifices she made

be careful before you throw yourself on that pyre also

is that really what you crave


to the sisters that post selfies and instagram photos calling

their newest boyfriend a revolutionary

because he lifted you on his shoulders

you call him a” Che “for our times

no no sister

do you know the sacrifices these people made

do you truly wish to live a life like that

you wont have your smartphone

and no one will follow you 

except perhaps the authorities as they hunt down your life

your loves your dreams your selves


to the sisters who attack other sisters

no no no

this is not how we change the world

we do it as one

will you hear what I have to say also?

Am I welcome at the table?
And what about that woman in the hijab

and the one over there who advocates abortion

and that one who does not

and then the indigenous women from tribes around the world

them too

theres ones who are cannibals yes quite literally

the ones who you want to run from

the ones that scare you

are they all welcome?


To the sisters who cannot look at themselves in the mirror

who fear to spend time alone

who have no connection to their lower mouths

who think sex is for recreation not sanctification of the divine in you

to the sisters

who tell other sisters how to dress to be more feminine

to the sisters who steal other’s men


to the sisters who wont speak to their mothers, their sisters

who wont speak to themselves with love

beware walking the streets 

venting your shame and anger onto placards of the past

onto mirages of the present

wake up sisters

we are one

we are one

we are one


To the sisters who drown their voices in alcohol


in anything but the voice

beware the haunting dirges of that voice shall still be there

when the whistles have stopped

when the placards have blown to dust

when the party moves to another street

another cause

another meet

who will hold you at night

who will accept you for all you are

who will sing you to sleep

do not betray your sisters

do not betray yourselves


you yearn for acceptance and safety

why should any man tell you how to dress how to look how to fuck

you yearn for equality

but you have these things

for every man that stole from you

there is another brother waiting to give to you

for every moment you fell to your knees in pain

there are esplanades of beauty awaiting


to the sisters

who say I cant believe I have to still protest this shit

you dont

you can do something new

you can be born anew

in this very moment now

to the sisters that have forgotten their true priestess lineage

wake up 

wake up

wake up


you hold our future in your eyes

your smiles

your hips

your curves

your breasts

your vulvas

are our future


use your power wisely

for with one small movement

with one intention

you change the universe

for ever


oh sister

wake up

oh sister 

wake up