Re-Union - From The Beloved- Journey to Union

In the still whisperings of nature’s kiss
My voice sings out to your heart
Sending my Love and waiting patiently
When the moment to speak shall arise

For when the tides turn and the leaves turn golden
Will be the time to re awaken our Love
And dance with the abandon of youth
And the courage of the Warrior Spirit

We have lived but with one heart
Fed from the same plate of life’s experiences
Walked side by side and hand in hand
Felt the isolation and completion

From the farthest reaches of the Earth
You have travelled to meet my spirit
From the highest points of space I have watched
Your battles and triumphs

At the midpoint where our hearts shall cross
Shall we meet
At the midpoint where Heaven meets Earth
Shall we meet
At the midpoint where Love within and Love outside
Are One

We shall meet

For we have been in each other for all times
And have travelled many lifetimes in many shells
With the same beating heart
That has sung, and wept and rejoiced at a Re-Union