the face of harm from Untitled



There’s many ways we choose to harm ourselves

with rocks and stones

with words and habits

with addictions that cut deep

till we bleed

but never allow the tender release of death to take us


the toxic words that go round and round

mirages of a past of worlds that collided in our insides

and took us on a journey to someplace we didnt want to get to


we harm our loving ones the ones who reach out a hand

because we hate the hand we have

the skin we wear

the face we share with those we were born into


how ever long the hatred stays

remained in our remains

it eats away 

and one day when we are cut open and our dust is blown to the winds

that hatred shall be the essence that births and bites.

nothing no longer excites


nothing thrills me

the sounds of you leaving and stealing my insides and self

have left an dull echo that proceed to shut out the daylight night time

all time