Back Home- Part of the Words and Pictures Exhibition at The Artizan Gallery, Torquay

Back Home


I’m frozen in stone

lost and alone

in this bubble we created


It served us once

And now it stifles

I want to break free


If I take the pick axe

If I cut myself free

Will I lose you?


If I take to the pathway newly formed

Will I find my way

back to the day

When you said goodbye

and I tried to stop you


Frozen in a glass of stone

lies my heart

I placed it there to keep it from falling apart

Not again 

I said

Not this time

Not with you

I can’t lose

Not this time

Not you


But if it remains encased

How will I find my way home

back to you


Somewhere in a space we are yet to know

Lies our union

Our love

It’s perfect and untainted

by the memories

It’s unstained and clean


Someplace in a space we are yet to find

Lies all we are seeking

All we are wanting to create

Someplace in a space we are yet to see

Because our eyes have been glued shut by the sleep of fear

Lies all we have ever dreamed ourselves to be


It takes just one of us

You or me

to break free

to set the silence aside

and hollow out the stone

To retrieve the prize

To open the eyes

and see once again

with the vision of the newly born

with the vision of the ones who never died

who never lost 

their way