Amber is a poet, spoken word artist and sound artist currently living in the UK.

Her work has been published by Arrival Press, Forward Press and Pyramid Press.  She’s been a semi finalist for the Brits Writers Awards. Her work has also been featured in Nymphs and Thugs SoapZine, Salome Magazine, Low Light Magazine and Dwell Time. In 2018 her poem "Re Union" won the Stratford upon Avon Poetry Festival Competition.

Her first collection In The Arms of Lyra was published in 2010 and is available on iTunes. 

Her second collection The Beloved- Journey to Union is available on Amazon; first published in 2014 with a second edition published 2015. This work is devoted to Sacred Union and Love. It has received stellar endorsements and reviews.

Amber's soundscapes and sound installations have been showcased in galleries across the UK and America. Please see the "Exhibitions" section for more details. 

She has performed open mic sets at The Book Club, London and the Roundhouse (with Tongue Fu). Her poetry films "Playground" and "Sobriety" have been around the world in film festivals and art galleries, winning commendations and awards. Details in the "News and Events" and "Exhibitions" sections. 

Amber is currently working on her third poetry collection.

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